Smart 1 to 1 English tutoring system

iENGLISH Smart English Teacher

Genuine English books,
Authentic American teachers,
Native learning environment.
iEnglish 英语智能外教
Authentic Teachers
Genuine Books
Happy Students

high-quality English materials

iENGLISH Smart English Teacher features 19,000+ original English picture books & storybooks, covering several sets of graded reading system such as RAZ, Oxford Reading Tree, Harcourt, Hai Niman, Scott, Cambridge Kids box English, New Concept English, as well as synchronous teaching materials, theme reading materials, examination questions over the years.

Authentic English pronunciations

All materials in iENGLISH Smart English Teacher were pronunciated by hundreds of authentic British and American teachers.
Students need to follow the teachers to read out loud to improve English level.

Automatic Speech Correction

iENGLISH Smart English Teacher can automatically identify the students’ pronunciation and intonation, correcting non-standard practices by requiring them to repeat the inaccurate sections until qualified, as well as proactively promote relevant articles to deepen the knowledge.
Students can also create their own audio storybooks with a single tap.


English Through Pictures

iENGLISH Smart English Teacher provides ETP (English Through Pictures) study method. ETP originated in 1946 by the famous publishing company Highlights, whose motto is Fun with a Purpose.
ETP selected tens of thousands of pictures with fine color, style, and very particular meaning. Students will gain a sense of language by remembering the words in these pictures.

Integrate Games into the Learning Process

Worrying about the lack of motivation to learn English? iENGLISH Smart English Teacher integrates a variety of intelligent games into the learning process.
Students can build a virtual city, adopt an electronic pet, or compete with partners to study English with fun.

Intelligent Learning Process Management

iENGLISH Smart English Teacher provides different learning materials according to students’ actual English level, ensuring 80% of the materials can be effectively understood, while keeping students learning new knowledge.
For junior and high school students, iEnglish also provide specific modes to validate the learning result, helping students get high marks in the exam.

Instant Feedback Learning Progress

iENGLISH Smart English Tutoring System synchronizes students’ study status to the cloud in real-time.
Parents can keep track of the students by using the mobile app when needed.

Make full use of fragmented time

Time is priceless, iENGLISH Smart English Teacher takes full advantage of it. By unremittingly listening and reading English, students can achieve more significant result than their peers in the short term.
iENGLISH only offers carefully selected English learning materials to the students, any unrelated contents will be strictly prohibited.

English teacher for Everyone

iENGLISH Smart English Teacher can accommodate users of all ages. Whether you are going to attend school exams, need to upgrade business English proficiency, or just want to learn a new language for wider vision, iENGLISH will be your fantastic choice.

Traditional VS Smart

Traditional English Teacher Smart English Teacher
Limited English textbooks and storybooks

19,000+ original English textbooks and storybooks

Spoon-feeding teaching methods

4 intelligent learning modules, 5 intelligent training modes

Fixed and passive learning content, somewhat boring

Customized learning content, full of fun

Not-timely learning feedback

Real-time learning feedback

Teachers varies, can not effectively correct pronunciation deviation

Authentic British and American teachers, real-time pronunciation correction

200-500 CNY per hour

0.6 CNY per hour

Improve English, The Effective Way

Use iENGLISH 30 minutes a day, 2 years to reach the level of junior high school, 4 years to achieve the level of English major graduates.

The Happy Students

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